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Topic: Becoming Trauma Informed: how to teach children who are traumatized by natural and man made disasters


  • Children around the world are traumatized by natural and man made disasters.
  • Parents and teachers need to understand the impact of trauma on learning.
  • The mental health consequences of not dealing with trauma.
  • What it means to be trauma triggered.
  • Conflict resolution skills needed for students and teachers.
  • And more...

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About Ani KALAyjian, ph.d.:

Dr. Kalayjian, Founder & President of the Association for Trauma Outreach & Prevention - Meaningful World, A graduate of Teachers College, Columbia University with Masters and Doctoral Degrees, and Honorary Doctor of Science Degree from Long Island University.  She has been consulting at the UN since 1988, currently representing ATOP Meaningful World. 

Ani Kalayjian is an internationally recognized expert on the psychological effects of trauma in disaster victims, and the author of the authoritative handbook, Disaster & Mass Trauma: Global Perspectives in Post Disaster Mental Health Management. She has worked extensively with veterans of the Gulf and Vietnam wars, with survivors of the Holocaust and Ottoman-Turkish Genocide of the Armenians, and with survivors of earthquakes and hurricanes. She has traveled to Armenia, California, Cyprus, Florida, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, and Turkey to assist health professionals treating trauma cases after natural and human made disasters and to train psychiatrists, psychologists and general practitioners in post-trauma therapeutic interventions. Dr. Ani Kalayjian is currently a adjunct Psychology Professor at Fordham University, with private psycho therapeutic practices in Manhattan and Cliffside Park, NJ.